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My 2nd Shopping trip at CVS

Went to CVS tonight. I’m wanting to buy the Conair Hot Rollers. I wander around the store. There’s 2 types of hot rollers but the price tag is for the normal price. So I left the aisle and moved on. And then, I went back on the aisle where the hot rollers is, I grabbed the 3 boxes. I looked around the shelves. And then I noticed that on the bottom of the yellow sale tag sticker is another clearance tag for 75% off. Jackpot! I’m so excited about this trip. Because as you know I already bought some curling iron this week. I already earned the ECB. But on my surprise I receive another $15 ECB from Conair I don’t know why. I’m way too excited about this trip. I have $67 ECB and $63.30 gift card balance I have 10 off $50 (survey) and $4 off $20 (mcm). The manager let me use both $ off in the same transactions. I did 1 transactions and this is what I got: 212.08


3 Sprite $10.00
1 Planters $3.49
1 Simple Pleasure $3.00
2 Revlon Deluxe Clipper $5.98
Buy 2 Get $7 ECB (RC with limit 6)
2 Revlon Deluxe Clipper $2.98
Buy 2 Get $7 ECB (RC with limit 6)
4 Cella’s Cherries $5.96
2 Poise Feminine Wash 7.98
1 Turbie $5.99
2 Conair Ionic Hot Rollers $21.98
1 Conair Instant hot Rollers $6.87
Total: $74.23

Coupon Used:
$10 off $50
$4 off $20
$41 ECB
1 $3 off Poise CVS coupons
2 Free Sprite (deducted 4.99 each)
$1.50/1 Simple Pleasure
$1/1 Planters
2 $3/1 Poise
Subtotal: -$2.25
Tax: $2.63
OOP: $0.38 – paid with the GC.

I received 2 $7 ECB from Revlon (rc), $5 ECB from Sprite,Planters and Simple Pleasure, $15 ECB from Conair.
According to my receipt I saved $212.08 today. I ended up with $60 ECB remaining and $62.92 GC balance. Yay!

Yet another FREEBIES Haul

After my DD church group tonight, me , my DD and 2 of her friends went to CVS. We are on the hunt of the curling iron. LOL. I guess we are lucky and found 4 of them. I grabbed 2 of them left the other 2 for other costumer. My DD gave the curling iron to her friends. A Valentines gift. I grabbed some few items on sale. I used some rain check, too! I received 2 $10 off $40 one on the email and the other one on the mail, including a Salma Hayek TS shampoo and conditioner. So i scanned my card and i receive my $5 Beauty Club ECB. So my ECB prior on shopping is $58 + $5.00 BC = $63 and I have $63.45 on my gift cards. This is what I did few transactions.


Transactions 1

1 Colgate MaxFresh $2.99
Get $2.49 ECB when you buy 1 (limit 2)
Total: $2.49

Coupon used:
$0.50/1 Colgate
$2.50 Colgate MCM

Subtotal: -$0.01
Tax: $0.16
Total OOP: $.15 paid with the gift card.
I received $3 ECB. They can’t issued $2.49 so it’s a $3 money maker.

Transactions 2

2 Conair Curling Iron $2.49 each
Buy 1 Get $5 ECB
6 Visine Dry Eyes $4.99
Spend $30 get $10 ECB RC
2 Skintimate Shaving Cream $3.99 each
Buy 1 Get $2 ECB RC
6 Charmin Toilet Paper $5.49
Spend $30 Get $10 ECB
5 Simple Pleasure $3 each
Spend $15 Get $5 ECB
1 Culturelle $10.00
Buy 1 Get $10 ECB
1 Orange Juice $1.53
Total: $102.37

Coupon used:

2 $10 off $40
$46 ECB
3 Visine BOGO deducted $5.00
3 $3/1 Visine
1 BOGO Skintimate $3.00
1.50/1 Skintimate Peelies
3 $1/2 Charmin
4 $1.75/1 Simple Pleasure
1 $1.50/1 Simple Pleasure
$2/1 Culturelle

Subtotal: -$5.63
Tax: $5.63

I received $10 ECB from Conair, $2 ECB from Skintimate, $10 ECB from P&G , $10 ECB from Culturelle, $10 ECB from Visine and $5 ECB from Simple Pleasure. Plus I earned $5 on Savingstar for spending $20 on Charmin.
The Conair Curling Iron is not on the pictures coz my DD gave it to her friends.

Summary of this Trip

Extra Care Bucks Spent: $46.00
Extra Care Bucks Earned: $50.00
Total OOP: $0.16 which I used the gift card to pay for it.
Total Saving: $178.99

I walked away with $67 ECB and $63.30 on my Giftcard. And $5 Credit on Savingstar. Like I earned $8.85 for buying everything. All in all, a great day of couponing!

CVS Clearance Find

Sleet on the road. Snowing. Not really a good weather to go out and drive tonight. But i have to. DD have an Orchestra concert. So before i left home i browse on the CVS forum, and Walgreens forum at weusecoupon. and I decided to stop at CVS tonight. So after the concert I went to CVS. I read on the thread that there’s a Conair Steam Waver Infiniti Pro on Clearance. My daughter begging mo for months now to buy a new flat iron. I told her not at this moment we will wait for a sale. And sure enough, they have 3 different hair styling items that’s on clearance . Just 1 of each. So I decided to buy it all. I have a lot of ECB to use. I’m so happy about it. I never find a good clearance at my local CVS. I always find the leftovers. LOL. And for the a nice surprise again, I scan my card and I got another $10 off $50. Can you believe that. I’m so totally thrilled about this trip. This is what I bought tonight.


1 CONAIR Steam Wave Infiniti Pro $17.49 Reg Price: $69.99
1 CONAIR Wet and Dry Flat Iron $8.12 Reg Price: $32.49
1 CONAIR Ceramic Ionic Hot Air Brush $7.37 Reg Price: $29.49
1 Proglide Razor $10.99 (I used a RC for this)
1 Wesson Oil $2.99 (used a RC)
1 Kiss Impress $3.99
2 RS Foiled Heart Candy $1.49 each
1 Orange Juice $1.49
4 M&M $4.50

Total: $57.92

Coupon Used:
$10 off $50
$40 ECB
1 Buy 2 Get 1 Free M&M deducted
$5/1 Proglide Razor
$2/1 Kiss

Subtotal: -$0.97
Tax: $2.01
TOTAL OOP: $ 1.04 paid with MONEYCARD.

I received $5 ECB and $4 ECB from Proglide. Honestly I didn’t know that the Proglide is on Sale this week. I told the manager about it that the Proglide is on sale and I’m gonna return the $4ECB and she told me that its ok.


Trip Summary:
ExtraCare Bucks Before the Trip: $89.00
MoneyCard and Gift Card Balance: $64.49
Total OOP: $1.04
ExtraCare Bucks Spent: $40.00
MoneyCard Spent : $1.04
ExtraCare Bucks Earned: $9.00
Beauty Club Added Amount:$33.07
Total Savings: $181.94

CVS Shopping Therapy

I have a lot of ECB on hand. Plus, $50 GC. 2 weeks ago I pre-ordered the Glade Mist Starter Kit. Too bad I only pre-order 20. Oh well. I ask for a RC so I can buy some more even it doesn’t produce ECB or Cash Card. I I did 2 transactions. I have 1 more $10 off $50 and 2 $4 off $20, it printed out last Sunday, and another 1 I received on the email. Yay! Sometimes I don’t receive this dollar off. But when it does come it was never ending. It’s not that Im complaining about it. It just you never know when you get lucky! 🙂


Transactions 1

20 Glade $3 each
Total: $60
$10 off $50
2 $5 ECB
20 $2/1 Glade IP coupon from Coupons.com

Subtotal: $0.00
Tax: $$2.68
Total OOP: $2.68 paid with the MoneyCard I have. plus I got back $20 worth of Cash Card. I tried to redeem it. And it won’t go through. So they gave me 2 $10 ECB . Total Savings on this transactions is $113.60

Transaction 2:
1 Nature Made Mini $9.79
4 Revlon Nail Clipper $2.99 each ( RC from last October WYB 2 get $7 ECB)
1 Sally Hansen $9.99
8 M&M and Snickers Candy $1.00
8 M&M and Snickers Candy $0.25 each
2 Skintimate $3.99 each
Total: $49.72

Coupon Used:
2 $4 off $20
$10 off 1 Nature Made Mini (CVS Website)
2 $6 ECB from Nivea Tins few weeks ago
$3/1 Nature Made Mini
$2/1 Any Sally Hansen Nail Product ( tear pad from Walgreens, the cashier gave me 1)
BOGO skintimate deducted $3.55
5 Buy 2 get 1 Free M&M auto deducted $1.89

Subtotal: $1.72
Tax: $0.67
Total OOP: $2.39 paid with Money Card
I got back 2 $7 from Revlon, $4 ECB from Sally Hansen and $2 ECB from Skintimate. My Total Savings on this transaction is $58.41. Plus after 48 hours I’m gonna receive another $5 from Beauty Club. I’m only missing $18. So for buying the Revlon Nail Clipper and The Sally Hansen it put me over to the $50 mark. Woot…woot!

I have $89 ECB. And $14.49 on Money Card and $50 Cash Card. Yay! I can’t believe it! I just love couponing.

Shopping all over town!

Today is the last day that I can buy some goodies at my local store! I went to Walgreens, CVS, and Hilander. Spent 2 and half hours to buy my stuff and the driving. It’s really fun! First I stopped at Walgreens to get some freebies stuff. This is what I bought at Walgreens. I’m too tired to break all down the transactions. 😦

What I did is I bought the Psoriasis first and then just rolled it with the KY GEL. Then for the filler I use pencil. I used the $2 overage from KY to buy everything that’s on this list. Of course I did 21 transactions to buy what I wanted to buy! And I paid $5 for tax and I earned 8000 Balance Rewards Points.


11 KY Ultra Gel $5.99
10 Priosasis Ointment. $6.00
2 Lays BBQ Potato Chips $1.99
2 Tostitos Cantina Tortilla $1.99
10 Valentine Pencil $0.17
2 Loaf of Bread $2.59
1 hamburger buns $1.59
1 hotdog buns $1.59
1 socks $1.00
12 Scrubbling Bubbles Drop ins $1.49 each
5 Butterball Chicken Broth
1 Unicorn plush Toy
1 Dog plush toy

CVS Shopping Trip

4 Advil $4.99
6 Skippy PB $2.50
ROC Max Scrub $7.99
2 Tresseme $1.98
Total: $52.92

Coupon Used:
$10 off $50
$2 off 2 Tresseme Shampoo
$3/1 ROC
$2/1 ROC SS IP
6 $1 off 1 Skippy
2 BOGO Advil deducted $7.20
2 $1.50/1 Advil
$12 ECB
Subtotal: $0.52
Tax: $2.91
Total OOP : $3.41 paid with my Cash Card

I got back $5 ECB from buying the Skippy Peanut Butter, $8 from buying the Advil, $17 from buying the ROC use a rain check. And I’m gonna submit a MIR for buying the Advil that’s another $6.00

Hilander Haul
Over the course of 3 days going to the store. This is what I got. They having a big promotion. Doubling 20 coupons up to $1.10 Value. Jackpot!

6 Wheat Thins $2.00
10 Activia $2.19
6 Kraft Shredded Cheese $2.00
12 Varities of Kraft Salad Dressing $1.50 each
2 Velveeta 2lb $5.58
1 cloud Cake $3.09
1 Chi Chi Tortilla $2.19
4 Pringles $1.50
2 OM Carving Board Meat $3.29
6 Velveeta 16oz $3.44
Total: $113.56


Coupon Used:
6 Wheat Thins $1/1 Tearpad doubled $2.00
10 Activia $1/1 Coupon Insert doubled
3 $1/2 Kraft Shredded Cheese IP doubled
6 $1/2 Kraft Salad Dressing IP doubled
1 $0.50/1 CHI-chi Peelies Doubled
1 $1/4 PRINGLES doubled
2 $1/1 OM Carving Board doubled
2 $1/1 VELVEETA IP doubled
6 $1/1 VELVEETA Tearpad doubled
Total Out of Pocket:$25.56

My CVS Awesome Haul

FREE DIET COKEThis shopping trip was last Jan 22. And I just wanted to share to you guys what an awesome trip I had that time. Went to CVS last Sunday, Jan 22, to pick up my pre-ordered 60 Diet Coke. I know it’s a lot but my hubby only drink diet coke. Better to stock up right now! I made only one transactions. I bought Nivea tins too! Yay! I have $78 Gift Card and $15 ECB from beauty club. Bought a lot of Pantene last week! So, this is my transaction
ANYONE WANTS SOME COKE! Hubby won’t get thirsty anymore! LOL. It’s so cold outside and I did 12 trips from the SUV to the house to haul everything. I got a frost bit on my ear.
12 Nivea tins $11.88

4 12pk Sprite $10.00

60 12pk Diet Coke $150.00

1 Doritos $2.5

1 Clear Men Scalp Shampoo $4.99 ( raincheck)
1 clear woman conditioner $4.99
Total: $181.86
$10 off $50
30 Free 12pk Coca Cola deducted $4.99 (woot, woot)
1 $3/1 Any Clear shampoo Peelies (I’m so surprise that I found Peelies on my cvs. Usually they are none)
$4 off any Clear Men shampoo or conditioner MCM
$15 ECB
TAX: $10
TOTAL OOP: $10.16 PAID WITH the gift card.
I received $36 ECB from Nivea, $50 Gift Card from Coke and I earned $.75 at IBOTTA for buying Clear shampoo. All in all a wonderful trip for me! Doing the happy dance! I love CVS!