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Home Sweet Home


We just move in, in this beautiful home! Do you ever experienced while you growing up a neighborhood that knows everybody, friendly with a lot of kids playing, dogs friendly? I do. And this neighborhood reminds my childhood. I love it.

Front View


This house is built in a half acre lot! We have a huge backyard.



Kids in the neighborhood


Inside the House



S’mores Night




Hope you enjoy it!

SodaStream House Party


Hello guys! We just move in to our new abode! We love the neighborhood, it’s everybody knows everybody! We just love it. I’m so happy that we move in our new house. I will share it to you guys more in a different post.

Anyway I wanted to talked about the website which is House Party , a site which has a lot of fun! I hosted 7 parties for the last 3 years and this time I wanted to host the SodaStream! I heard that SodaStream is a very nice gadget and it gives you the commodity and easy access to the beverages you like. It’s affordable and convenient. And the plus sides of the SodaStream is I didn’t know that you can use it to make your favorite cocktail. So it’s not only soda or sparkling juices, it’s capable of making your favorite cocktail. And that is really cool.


So I’m giving a shoutout to SodaStream to pick me as a host! I’m already planning on my party! So if you guys are interested to host the SodaStream Cocktail Party click the link . And tell me what you think!


You can join House Party for free. Just sign up and browse which party would you like to host. If you didn’t ended to host that party, there’s a lot of opportunity. And if you been chosen as a host you need to host a party, invite at least 12 guest and share all the goodies in your party pack!! I just want to share to you guys the few of the party I hosted.

RedbookParty Happy Hour Party. I think this party package is at least $500 worth.


Secret Clinical 100 percent guaranteed! This is my latest party last October 26.


What are you waiting for. Check it out.