Walmart Freebies Haul

Went to Walmart to pick up some Freebies Item that I needed for Project Hope. Here’s what I got


2 Bic Silky $5.92
2 Bic Comfort $5.92
25 McCormick Taco/Italian Seasoning $14.50
1 U Kotex Pantiliners $1.24
1 EcoTools Sponge $0.87
2 Clear $9.96
2 Degree $1.00
Total: $39.41

Coupon Used
4 $3/1 Bic
25 0.75/1 McCormick
1 $2/1 U Kotex
$1/1 EcoTools
2 BOGO FREE Clear deducted $6.99

Subtotal: -$8.32
Tax: $1.01
Total: -$7.31

I didn’t bought anything on my basket for the reasons that I didn’t know that the Clear Coupons will deduct at the full amount. So I walked away with $7.31 in my pocket. đŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Walmart Freebies Haul

    • There’s a $3/1 Any Bic Disposal from yesterday SS inserts. And then the Buy one Degree Deodorant get 1 Clear Free and there’s a $0.50 Degree clearance on my Walmart. There’s a $0.75/1 McCormick coupons from few weeks ago insert. The EcoTools coupons is from and the U Kotex is a printable coupons. HTH

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