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All Week Shopping! At CVS!!!!

Happy Easter everyone! I know this is very late for my shopping trip! It’s been a cray week for me. I went to different CVS everyday starting Sunday. Just a lot of doctors appointment for DH. I just want to share what I bought. I spent $59.44 of my MONEYCARD. I don’t have any coupons on Clear Women Shampoo. I really like this shampoo. This is what I bought


20 Clear women Shampoo and conditioner $100
Spend $15 get $5 ECB (limit 10) bought different days
5 Simple Cleanser $28.95
5 Simple Wipes $4.39
Spend $15 Get $5 ECB (limit 10) bought last Sunday
2 Simple Cleanser $11.58
2 Simple Wipes $8.78
RC Spend $15 on any Simple Products ( I think this is from last week or 2 weeks ago) bought last Sunday
2 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts $3.98
5 Sprite $15
RC just for the price
14 Secret Clinical Antiperspirant
Buy one Get One 50% – bought in different days!!!!
5 Sunday Newspaper $7.50
Con Air Bobipins $3.38
Tiger Beats $4.99 —— for my DD
1 Purex $2.88
5 Brookside $3.50 bought on different days
3 Gold Fish $7.47
2 Sally Hansen Insta Dri $10.98
1 Sally Hansen French Kit $7.79
1 Nestlé Ice cream $0.99


This is the coupons I used
7 BOGO Free Simple deducted $6.99 each
7 $2/1 Simple Product
5 $2.50/1 Brookside Store coupon
14 Free Secret Clinical Coupons from their rewards programs deducted $9.99
2 Free any Sally Hansen deducted $11- I received this coupons because I complained about the Sally Hansen Saloon effect, that it didn’t even last 2hrs, and its already chipping. They sent me 2 Free coupons.
3 Free 12 Pk Coke Product, deducted $4.99 will expire on 3/31
5 $2/1 Brookside
$1/1 Purex Manufactures
$1/1 Purex Coupon center
2 $1.50/1 Pop Tarts from KFR
$5 off $30
$68 ECB

My total savings today are 214.01

This is my combined shopping trip pictures. Combined savings are $485.88

Make Up Haul at Walgreens

It’s not that I didn’t shopped for the last week at Walgreens. I did! I just didn’t post my trip for the reason that I’m so busy. I’ve been running around town, doing the TRIPLE coupon event at Schnucks! That week was so exhausting. But I saved a lot of $$$. And I’m stock up. I did the Starbucks deals last week, and the Green Tea Fat burner, Poise, coz my coupons are expiring on 3/23!!!!! I’ll post the pictures on what I bought last week, and I spend none! Plus I ended up with 6 $7RR Green Tea Fat Burner and 36 $0.99RR from Starbucks. I planned to use those to buy the TriCalm this week, but I ended up buying just one Tricalm. Because I bought 12 Cottonelle TP and 18 Cottonelle Wipes last Wednesday. I paid just $3Tax for everything plus I ended up with 6 $2RR from Cottonelle TP and 6 $3RR from Cottonelle Wipes. So anyhow, for the final day of the sale this week and for early Activation I did 3 transactions. Here’s are my transactions:


Transaction 1

11 Almay Intense Make Up Variety $65.89
11 Almay Inense Make Up Variety $32.89
Buy One Get One 50% off (3/24-3/30 SALE)
Spend $15 Get 4000 BRP’s (3/31-4/06 SALE)
6 Lady Stick Deodorant $9.57
Buy One Get One Free
4 Speed Stick Deodorant $6.57
Buy One Get One Free
9 Bic Razors Variety $35.91
9 Bic Razors Variety $17.91
Buy One Get One 50% off
Total: $168.74

Coupon Used:
11 $5/2 Almay
18 $3/1 Bic
5 BOGO FREE Speedstick or Lady Stick Deodorant
$2/1 Almay IVC deducted $44.00
2 $3RR from Cottonelle
For some reasons my last 2 Manufactures coupons won’t scan. So what the SM did was I paid what I owe on this transactions and then she will deduct the $4.82 on next transactions.

Subtotal: $1.21
Tax: $9.08
Total OOP: $10.29 plus I earned 12000 BRP’s

For some reason my brain is not working. I should have done the Bic Razors, and the Deodorant on my next transactions. But I forgot. I should have paid less if I did. Because I redeemed some points on my second transactions. Bummer….. Ohh well 🙂


Transactions 2:
On this transaction I bought some stuff for Easter. I figure the my kids are too old for Easter Basket, so I bought them something else. The stuff that they want.

6 Goldfish $10.00
1 One Direction Photo Cards $1.49 (Clearance)
1 One Direction Pop Band and Charms $4.39 (Clearance)
1 One Direction I Snaps $2.19 (Clearance)
1 Paris Bandana $1.99
Easter Present for my DD (1Directions and the Bandana)
1 Play Ball Marble 15″ $4.99
Easter Present for my dog Max
1 Nice Brat Buns $2.99
4 Vanish Toilet Drop Ins $7.16
I thought buying this Drops In will give me $3RR, ohhh well!
1 Nice White Bread $0.99
1 2XL Shakedown Blue HeadPhone $14.99
Easter Present for my DS
1 Tricalm $7.00
Buy One Receive $7RR
Total: $58.18

Coupon Used:
$1.50/1 Tricalm
$4.82 Credit from transactions 1
2 $2RR from Cottonelle
Subtotal: $47.86
Tax: $2.43
Total: $50.29
Rewards Redemption $50.00
Paid with WGC $0.29
I received $7RR from Tricalm

Transaction 3
Because my 7up Ten coupons is expiring, and I’m not planning to go there tomorrow. I decided to use my last 5 7up10 coupons and here’s what I got

5 Dr Peppers10 $5.00
7 ACT II Popcorn $1.75
Total: $6.75

Coupon Used:
5 $0.75/1 DR. Pepper 10
1 $3RR from Cottonelle

Subtotal: $0.00 🙂
Tax: $0.28
Total OOP: $0.28 paid with WGC


When I came in I have 6 $3RR and 6 $2RR both from Cottonelle. I have 285200 BRP’s. I spent 3 of the $3RR and 2 of $2RR and I redeemed 40k = $50.00 BRP’s. So my ending balance are 257200= $310.00 and I still have 3 $3RR 4 $2RR and $7RR. My total Savings Today is $271.87….Overall, even if I’m so tired, I think this trip is pretty worth it!

Happy Easter everyone.

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Hilander Triple Coupons Trip

So this week, Schnucks are tripling the coupons up to $0.75 and there’s a limit of 20 coupons and limit of 3 like coupons. We went to Hilander and grabbed a bunch of stuff! I paid $23.91.

This is what I got


9 Hungry Jack Premium Hashbrown $1.50 each – ( this is very handy to me in the morning for breakfast. And it taste really good!)
Used: $0.50/1 Hungry Jack Premium hash brown SS 3/17
= FREE after coupons

9 Bisquick $1.79 each
Used: $0.60/1 Bisquick found here
= FREE after coupons General Mills Cereals = $2.47

Wheaties, Cinnamon or Frosted Toast Crunch, Cookie Crisp, Kix Honey, Cheerios or Honey Nut Cheerios Medley
Save $4 instantly wyb (4)

6 General Mills Wheaties $1.47
Used: $0.75/1 Wheaties found here
= FREE after coupons

6 General Mills Cinnamon Toast Cereals $1.47
Used: $0.50/1 Cinnamon Toast Cereals printed earlier this month at but its no longer available.
= FREE after coupons

4 Malt O Meal Spooners $2.19 each
Used: 2 $0.75/1 Malt O Meal Spooners found here
2 BOGO Free Malt O Meal Spooners found here
= FREE after coupons

4 Hunts Diced Tomato Sauce $1 each
Used: 2 $0.55/2 Any Hunts Tomato 14.5oz or larger found here
= $0.35 when you buy 2 or $0.17 each

3 Eckrich Smoked Sausage $2.50 each
Used 3 $0.55 Any Eckrich Smoked Sausage found here
= $0.85 each after coupons

8 Dole 8 oz $0.80 each
Buy (4) or more get $0.50 Catalina coupon good on your next shopping order
Used 4 $0.75/2 Dole found in SS 2/3/13 or
4 $0.50/2 Dole found in SS 3/17/13
= FREE or pay as low $0.10 for every 2.
And received 2 $0.50 Catalina good for my next shopping trip.

2 New York Ciabatta Toast with Cheese $2.50 each
Used $0.75/1 New York Toast Ciabatta from SS 3/10/13
= $0.25 each after coupons

5 Yoplait Simplait $0.88 each
Used 5 $0.30/1 Yoplait Simplait found here
= FREE after coupons

3 Dole Parfait $2.50 each
Used 3 $0.75/1 Dole found here

1 Deans Milk $3.69
Used $0.50/1 Deans gallon of Milk found SS 3/17/13
= $2.19 after coupons

3 Cupcake $4.50 (no coupons but DD and DH really wants it)
2lb Strawberry $6.99 ( no coupons DH want’s it)
1 Diet Coke $1.25
1 Candy for DD $1.25
Subtotal before all the discount: $138.47
Total OOP after all the discount and coupons; $23.91
I received 2 $0.50 Catalina from buying the Dole Pineapple.