We know Springs is coming when…….

I know that spring is coming when I see the geese migrating again. They heading up north! So that means, Spring is coming! Today after lunch, we decided to go sight seeing downtown. The weather is pretty decent to go out and do something. We were just driving along the Riverside Avenue, and Max our little doxie, start whining! He saw a flock of geese, wandering around the side of the river. It’s not just a 100 Geese, its like 300 or more. They all just wandering around the riverfront. I looked around where I can park, we all get off of the truck, Max start chasing the geese and they all starting to fly away. And this is some pictures that I took…








After spending some times on the riverfront, we started to head back home. Driving along the Riverside Avenue, I saw a big bird flying around, like half mile from where we are. So I stopped again. Parked the truck. I’m thinking that it is a bald eagle, soaring around. It’s been 2 years now since we had known that there’s a group of bald eagles in our area. And since then, we always on the lookout and unfortunately, we never spotted them. But today, all stars align and we spotted them. Its was really cool seeing the bald eagle soaring about 400 ft from we are parked.

Im thinking that these Bald Eagle is still a juvie, like 2-3 years old. So they don’t have the white head yet!



And then while watching the young bald eagle, there’s another adult eagle coming from the right, it’s kinda like I’m watching an airshow! And as you can see, the eagle from the right had a white head and white tail. I need to get a better close up pictures. But for now, I’m really happy and excited about it!




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