Walgreens Shopping Trip 2/15

I came in with $58.50 RR, I have $28 Walgreens Gift cards. This is my final trip for this week sale. I bought this stuff yesterday. And this is the only time I get around on posting my trip. I made 40 transactions and it took me 1 hour to checkout. I’m so glad that the $2/1 Chloraseptic IVC coupons is working when I went yesterday. This is what I bought.


20 Chloraseptic $3.99 each
Buy 1 Get $3 RR
20 Campbell’s Soup $2 each
Buy 2 Get $1.50 RR
20 Fiber Choice $2.79 each
Buy 1 Get $4RR
6 Sally Hansen Crackle $5 each
Buy 2 Get 2000 Balance Points
4 Sally Hansen Gem Crush
Buy 2 Get 2000 Balance Points
2 Wet n wild Clear base coat
2 Wet n Wild Nail polish
3 Wet n Wild Eye liner
9 Poise
23 Pencil ( in clearance and I used this as a filler)
6 Mitchum $3 each
Buy 2 Get $4RR
6 Newspaper from last week.
4 W Hand Sanitizer
1/2 gallon of Deans Milk
3 Oreo
2 Ritz
3 Saltine
5 Tuna
1 One direction fake nail


I spent $12.37 for tax and $8.85 for the subtotal. Which $21.22 is my overall OOP. I used my GC to paid for it. And I earned 10000 Balance points and I have $86 RR remaining!

2 thoughts on “Walgreens Shopping Trip 2/15

  1. Maddy, Awesome haul as usual! Do you ever put on your blog what you are doing , deal scenerios before week of sale? I have followed your deals on the forums but I am so unorganized I am always paying too much oop

    • Hi Joy! I’m kinda shy telling people what I’m doing right now. But I sure do love to share what I’m doing at moment. And about the deal scenarios, I’m gonna start writing and giving you guys some scenarios. 🙂

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