CVS Shopping Therapy

I have a lot of ECB on hand. Plus, $50 GC. 2 weeks ago I pre-ordered the Glade Mist Starter Kit. Too bad I only pre-order 20. Oh well. I ask for a RC so I can buy some more even it doesn’t produce ECB or Cash Card. I I did 2 transactions. I have 1 more $10 off $50 and 2 $4 off $20, it printed out last Sunday, and another 1 I received on the email. Yay! Sometimes I don’t receive this dollar off. But when it does come it was never ending. It’s not that Im complaining about it. It just you never know when you get lucky! 🙂


Transactions 1

20 Glade $3 each
Total: $60
$10 off $50
2 $5 ECB
20 $2/1 Glade IP coupon from

Subtotal: $0.00
Tax: $$2.68
Total OOP: $2.68 paid with the MoneyCard I have. plus I got back $20 worth of Cash Card. I tried to redeem it. And it won’t go through. So they gave me 2 $10 ECB . Total Savings on this transactions is $113.60

Transaction 2:
1 Nature Made Mini $9.79
4 Revlon Nail Clipper $2.99 each ( RC from last October WYB 2 get $7 ECB)
1 Sally Hansen $9.99
8 M&M and Snickers Candy $1.00
8 M&M and Snickers Candy $0.25 each
2 Skintimate $3.99 each
Total: $49.72

Coupon Used:
2 $4 off $20
$10 off 1 Nature Made Mini (CVS Website)
2 $6 ECB from Nivea Tins few weeks ago
$3/1 Nature Made Mini
$2/1 Any Sally Hansen Nail Product ( tear pad from Walgreens, the cashier gave me 1)
BOGO skintimate deducted $3.55
5 Buy 2 get 1 Free M&M auto deducted $1.89

Subtotal: $1.72
Tax: $0.67
Total OOP: $2.39 paid with Money Card
I got back 2 $7 from Revlon, $4 ECB from Sally Hansen and $2 ECB from Skintimate. My Total Savings on this transaction is $58.41. Plus after 48 hours I’m gonna receive another $5 from Beauty Club. I’m only missing $18. So for buying the Revlon Nail Clipper and The Sally Hansen it put me over to the $50 mark. Woot…woot!

I have $89 ECB. And $14.49 on Money Card and $50 Cash Card. Yay! I can’t believe it! I just love couponing.

2 thoughts on “CVS Shopping Therapy

  1. Amazing trip. Thanks for sharing. I wish I had enough of the $2 Glade coupons to make this deal happen. Great job!!!

    I do have 4 of the Mars candy coupons. I am a little reluctant to assume the auto deduct will work because I used the Tresseme’ b1g1 q’s on last Saturday and they did not auto deduct. Keep in mind I had did 1 other transaction earlier in the week and did not have any problems with the auto deduct. I guess it just depends on the cashier.

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