My CVS Awesome Haul

FREE DIET COKEThis shopping trip was last Jan 22. And I just wanted to share to you guys what an awesome trip I had that time. Went to CVS last Sunday, Jan 22, to pick up my pre-ordered 60 Diet Coke. I know it’s a lot but my hubby only drink diet coke. Better to stock up right now! I made only one transactions. I bought Nivea tins too! Yay! I have $78 Gift Card and $15 ECB from beauty club. Bought a lot of Pantene last week! So, this is my transaction
ANYONE WANTS SOME COKE! Hubby won’t get thirsty anymore! LOL. It’s so cold outside and I did 12 trips from the SUV to the house to haul everything. I got a frost bit on my ear.
12 Nivea tins $11.88

4 12pk Sprite $10.00

60 12pk Diet Coke $150.00

1 Doritos $2.5

1 Clear Men Scalp Shampoo $4.99 ( raincheck)
1 clear woman conditioner $4.99
Total: $181.86
$10 off $50
30 Free 12pk Coca Cola deducted $4.99 (woot, woot)
1 $3/1 Any Clear shampoo Peelies (I’m so surprise that I found Peelies on my cvs. Usually they are none)
$4 off any Clear Men shampoo or conditioner MCM
$15 ECB
TAX: $10
TOTAL OOP: $10.16 PAID WITH the gift card.
I received $36 ECB from Nivea, $50 Gift Card from Coke and I earned $.75 at IBOTTA for buying Clear shampoo. All in all a wonderful trip for me! Doing the happy dance! I love CVS!

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