Max..the troublemaker!

He’s not really a troublemaker as it sound. He’s my first per ever! He’s so cute. Doxie’s small dog but has a big heart! I wanted to share some of his photos during the period of a year! Enjoy!

Max 6 weeks old at the breeder!

I started off life at a very young age

Here's another fine mess

Max first night at his new home!

7 weeks old!



Take me drunk I think I'm home

The breeder told me that mostly when you bring a new puppy home, the puppy needs to adjust, wont sleep at night or eat. Whining all the time. It’s normal things. As you see, in the picture, Max feels at home right away! LOL. He didn’t whine. He ate his food. Umm…he has a difficulty where to go..when he needs to use the potty. But other than that he’s really happy for the first night.

Hanging around 2



His first summer!




His first bite of watermelon


He even learn how to sing!


and when the day is over…this is what he do best!


I’m so happy that I’m able to share how wonderful our dog is… Meet Max!


He’s really a sweet dog. And he turn into a fine doxie!

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