Wasp Stung! oOOh boy it hurts!

Awwww…. If you have noticed that I’m MIA on my blog this past few days. For the reasons that I got stung by a wasp. This is my first time that I got stung, and boy it hurts. I don’t know if I’m allergy or not, but soon enough I noticed that I can’t breath. My daughter called the 911. And she helped me put some ice and alcohol. I still can’t believe it that I got stung by a wasp. They kept me for 5 days at the hospital. Just to make sure that I’m fine and the yellowjacket venom was out of my system. And thank God I’m fine now. But I just wanted to update my blog and share whats going on. Russ took a pictures of the wasp. I thought it’s a bee the first time. So looking back when it happened, I was wearing a bright orange t-shirt! So I thought maybe the wasp thought that my back is a flower! LOL…. I’ll be back to share my daily cooking and activities!

With a wonderful weather outside, I’m laying down in bed trying to get some rest. Enjoy the nice weather!

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